The seller’s book
Thanks to this guide, discover all the stages of opening your waridi store. You will find tips on how to start the seller adventure at waridi.

1. Opening of a shop

The progress of a sale
Marketing action: increase your visibility

  • Premium YSC package in a few words. On Vendor with Premium YSC package manages his/her shop independently. Namely, the choice of items offered, the processing of orders, shipping and customer service. Throughout the transaction, the vendor or the customer can directly exchange with the other party.
  • vendor commission-based in a few words. On vendors have limited independence on the platform. Namely,the processing of orders, shipping and customer service. Throughout the transaction, the vendor or the customer cant directly exchange with the other party.

Sell everywhere
Create your website with a custom domain name and have it linked to your social media and marketplace channels.
Get paid instantly
Sell online on multiple platforms and get paid from anywhere in the world, all on Yako Social Commerce, your market partner.
Ship cheaper and easier
Enjoy the best shipping prices and the best experience with DHL. In 2-clicks, print your shipping labels with worldwide tracking and service.
Manage everything
Use a single dashboard to manage your orders, shipments, payments, and sell to your customers.

Opening your store gives you access to our services, namely:

  • A DHL service to ship your orders to the whole world
  • You have customer support at all times
  • We provide tools on your space that allow you to monitor the performance of your store
  • You can add as many products as you want to your shop.

The two subscription methods at

If you become a Vendor commission based 15-20 % you can have Unlimited products on the online Shop, Visibility support, Market pushes. Your subscription to is free once you make sale we retain a commission of 15 to 20% on each sale made. If you don’t have an account yet, just open your shop by clicking here.

2. Put your shop online

Your store is only online from 1 registered product.
We recommend adding at least 6 to have a full shop that makes you want to buy !
The idea behind this is that the more items you have in your store, the more shopping opportunities you have and therefore the better your chances of selling.
Good to know: the vendors who sell the most on, have between 5 and 25 products in their shop.

3. Your product sheets

An attractive product sheet includes the following elements:

  • Product photo: the product photo highlights and enhances the creation. Title and description of the product: the title of the product must allow us to understand what we clicked on. The description gives in detail all the information necessary for customers to buy.
  • Product specifications: color and material filters are used a lot on the site. Choosing a dominant color and material for each product will greatly improve the quality of the buyer’s search, which will find you more easily.
  • The choice of the management of your stocks, you start production as soon as you receive an order. The advantage is that you no longer have to manage your stocks.
  • Your shipping with our DHL partners, to send all your orders from any location

4. Finalize the shop setup

Once the creations are online, you can personalize your store to make it more attractive, more authentic.
Visit your space to beautify your shop.
The elements to be treated are:

  • Cover of your store. You can then use this space to pass messages during events or to highlight items from your shop.
  • The description of your shop: describe your shop in a few words to share your environment with buyers.
  • Keywords related to your store: these keywords make it easier for buyers to distinguish your store when searching for an item using filters.
  • Conditions of sale: on you must accept conditions but you can also add specific conditions of sale to your shop.

5. My first sale
When you receive an order, the customer has already paid by bank card, Paypal, mpesa or shebnks wallet. The money is then transferred to you . You can withdraw this amount by bank transfer or transfer, as soon as the customer has received her order.
You have 24 hours to accept the sale. Once accepted, you just have to send the package. If the order is refused by you, the customer is automatically reimbursed.

6. Impeccable customer service

  • A good customer relationship will increase your chances of retaining your customers and benefiting from word of mouth.
  • The amount of your sales is automatically paid into your, upon receipt of the order by a customer.
  • Be reactive towards customers, with a response time of less than 24 hours
  • Have a response rate of at least 80%
  • The more visible you are on, the more you sell.

7. The rules for displaying products on
The products are displayed on the first pages according to display rules defined by Depending on the sales of the products, his/her views and the professionalism of the seller, we assign a score to each creation. It is this score that determines the order in which products are displayed.

8. Appear first in search filters
Most buyers use search filters to find products that appeal to them. To make sure you appear there, add new products regularly.
In general, the quality of photos influences visitor clicks. The more beautiful a store has, the more likely it is to attract. Take care of the visual appearance of your products.