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About Waridi

Who doesn’t like the scent of the flowers?
How about a unique and rare rose, the black rose?

Waridi is the Swahili name for the beautiful rose flower. Our brand embodies the qualities of a black rose: rare, unique and beautiful. Each product at Waridi reflects these qualities.

Waridi was founded in 2015 by a Global Techpreneur and Fashionista who pioneered the idea, concept and branding of African goods on the internet using a single Pan-African identity. Waridi is an introduction of African style and elegance to the world. The founder and force behind Waridi is a global citizen who has traveled to over 150 countries around the world. Through her experience and interaction with different cultures, she curates Waridi’s unique catalog and shares her passion for positive living.


A Life Style Brand

Waridi’s products reflect the endearing qualities of the ‘Black Rose.’ From Waridi’s inception we have proudly promoted and enhanced Africa’s hidden gems. Through Waridi, we share the richness and diversity of Africa and let you explore and experience Africa’s positive spirit using our unique works of leather, cotton, canvas, art and fashion. Africa is the home of all spectacular artistry, everything that comes from Africa is authentically thought-out and skillfully brought to life through magnificent handiwork. Our work is inspired by the beauty and untapped wealth of Africa. We offer a wide range premium lifestyle products that includes handbags, shoes, art, swimwear, curios and holistic living products that are a blend of the rich African culture and the modern world. Our products are inspired by the wealth of the African culture, cuisine, ways of life and deep connection to nature.

Our catalog offers premium and elegant lifestyle products that appeal to the consumer who desires unique products fused with Africa’s rich cultural heritage. Each Waridi product is beautifully hand-crafted and given a touch of timeless equestrian aesthetic appeal. Our products are carefully and deliberately crafted to the highest standards by gifted craftsmen using Eco-friendly raw materials. Each item tells a story and reflects a philosophy of elegance, originality, freedom and individual personality. Our social business model promotes local communities by empowering them and providing local solutions. We have always aimed at creating authentic Eco-friendly products with a global appeal. Our collaborative efforts with local artists promotes their talents and skills and gives them access to global markets whilst following Fair-trade practices. Part of our profits goes to supporting women in Africa’s technology sector.

Africa is open for business, Buy Africa, Build Africa!

In terms of numbers, that we represent:

  • Global transactions
  • 10K+ visits every month
  • 200+ new products are added each week
  • 700+ messages are exchanged each day

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